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Around the turn of the century Tore Bergstøl, a teacher from Vigmostad began collecting various everyday items with the though of a museum in the future. Mr. Bergstøl also collected old legends and traditions from the district. Much of this was later published in Bygdeboka for Vigmostad and the book Atterljom.

In 1949 the foundation for a future museum in Sør-Audnedal was layed. A committee with representatives from different clubs began collecting items for a large regional exhibition in the old council building, Tingtun.

In Spangereid Gustav Fladstad also a teacher, began collecting items. The objects that are now exhibited in Lindesnes. Bygdemuseum had, for many years, been kept in different parts of the community. So it was therefore, a memorable occasion when, on the 24th. November, 1990, a permanent home for the museum was opened.

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